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Discover The Heartbeat That Changed the World. Starting on March 5, 2006

Do you ever wish there was more to life?

Did you think that a significant relationship would make you happy and found coldness and hurt instead?

Did you feel that the perfect job would bring you fulfillment and found stress and layoffs instead?

Did you feel that the perfect religious experience would bring you purpose and you found emptiness instead?

Discover the Heartbeat that changed the world.

There was a man who stepped into the worlds of those who society rejected and touched them with love and healing.

There was a man who stood against the cold and heartlessness of organized religion and replaced it with love and forgiveness.

There was a man who cared for those who were slaves to destructive habits and showed them what it felt like to be free.

There was a man who took those who felt hopeless and defeated and filled them with a belief that transformed their lives.

 Come to Lebanon Area Evangelical Free church, now through May 21, 2006, for a special presentation series on “the Heartbeat that changed the world”.  He will meet you right where you are.

Building a supernatural loving community that connects people with authentic Christianity.

Lebanon Area Evangelical Free Church
600 Shepherd Street. Jonestown,  PA  17038 
Phone#  717-865-9900
email info@lebefree.org